Kenny Chesney is Ready to Make Some “Noise”

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photo: Danny Clinch

All the cryptic messages from Kenny Chesney make sense now...

Kenny Chesney‘s newest single is dubbed “Noise” and will ship to country radio on Thursday, March 24th!

“Sometimes you know you’ve got something so timely, so right then, you have to grab it,” Chesney says of acting quickly to record his latest tune. “It seemed like everywhere I turn, everywhere I go, there is so much stuff coming at you. Your phone, your car, on the streets, on TV. Everywhere it’s just so loud, so much, so many different things – all pushing buttons, being sensational, shouting for attention. You can’t escape it, and you can’t turn it down.”

Kenny Chesney Noise Music Video

Posted by Kenny Chesney on Monday, March 21, 2016

Prolific songwriters Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman, and Jon Nite helped the Tennessee-born crooner put the finishing touches on the song and had a working demo in place by the time Chesney was ready to hop into the studio.

“Wrecking balls, downtown construction/ Bottles breaking, jukebox buzzing/ Cardboard sign says ‘The Lord is Coming’/ Tick tick tock…” opens the energaetic song that jitters with the feeling of sonic overload. As the tempo builds, the layers thicken and the electric guitars rise, then shape the shafts of melody, as the song continues, “Rumors turn the mills back home/ Parking lot kids with the speakers blown/ We didn’t turn it on, but we can’t turn it off off off…”

“The chorus is very orderly, very much a staccato press,” Chesney explains. “If there’s anything that sums up both the state of the world and the reality of what it costs us and feels like, it’s that. It’s all right there: ‘We scream, we shout til we don’t have a voice/ In the streets, in the crowds, it ain’t nothing but noise… drowning out all the dreams of this Tennessee boy/ Just trying to be heard… in all this noise’ says it all.”

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