Kenny Chesney to Drop ‘Live In No Shoes Nation’ Album This Fall

live in no shoes nation

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Kenny Chesney wants to show his appreciation for No Shoes Nation with a brand new record called 'Live In No Shoes Nation: 10 Years of Concert Hits.'

Kenny Chesney fans mark your calendars— the Tennessean is slated to release his Live In No Shoes Nation: 10 Years of Concert Hits on October 27th!

After digging through mountains of tapes and listening, Chesney realized his music – and the people it has attracted over the last decade – have indeed created tight-knit movement. The singer-songwriter wanted those people to know they were heard.

“When you’re on stage, in the rush of it all, it hits you so hard and so fast. You take it in, but you never really digest it,” he explains in a new statement. “Once the noise in my head died down, I went in to relive some of those amazing nights I’d had with everyone in No Shoes Nation, and the more I listened, the more I wanted to hear. And the more I heard, the more I knew I needed to share these moments with all the citizens of what we call No Shoes Nation, so they could hear how freaking awesome they sound.”

Almost 10 years to the day from the first recording, the Live in No Shoes Nation album captures 29 performances from the last decade. Some hits, some surprises, some obscure jewels, some guests and some of the unabashed songs that have come to define coming of age.

“I always say no matter how hard we hit that stage and hurl the music at them, No Shoes Nation has so much energy and so much heart, they come back at us even harder,” Chesney muses. “But when you can sit and really listen, it’s shocking. They are so loud, so in the moment and put out so much awesomeness, it stopped me in my tracks – and reminded me why I feel most alive out there on that stage.”


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In order to create the record, Chesney listened to over a thousand hours of concerts in search of the most definitive performances.

“So much has happened over the last 10 years,” Chesney reflects. “But the one thing that remained consistent, that’s been there no matter what, are the people of No Shoes Nation. They’ve always been why I do what I do, but listening to all these shows over the last several months, I realized they’re really the heartbeat to everything me and my road family do.”

“And the more I heard those voices singing, the energy and the power, the more I wanted everyone who’s ever come to our shows to hear it, too. Those moments when you’re so completely free are the greatest feeling in the world.”

With a track list being finalized and plans for 2018 being sorted out, the only sure thing is this: Live in No Shoes Nation arrives this fall.

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