Kenny Chesney Goes #1 with “All the Pretty Girls”

kenny chesney all the pretty girls

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While summer changes to fall, Kenny Chesney's anthem, "All the Pretty Girls," landed at the top of the charts--- earning him his 30th No. 1!

Country music fans quickly took to Kenny Chesney‘s hit single “All the Pretty Girls” as a summer anthem. With summer turning into fall, the song about pretty girls, lost boys and being home for the summer landed a spot at the top of the charts. It also gave the Tennessee native his 30th chart-topping hit, but his list of No. 1 records starts 20 years ago when “She’s Got It All” became his first No. 1 on August 30, 1997. It remained at the top for three weeks.

“Few songs have as much summer in them as ‘All the Pretty Girls,’ which is why I wanted to record it,” Chesney told Billboard about the song. “To me, there’s a special excitement that is summer and being young and alive. I think the guys caught that in the studio, and in a year that we weren’t on the road, I think I still got to be a part of No Shoes Nation’s summer through this song.”

It is the fourth single from Chesney’s recent and most creatively ambitious album, Cosmic Hallelujah, following “Bar at the End of the World,” “Setting the World on Fire” featuring P!INK, and “Noise.”

“There are those songs you just know,” Chesney told Sony Music Nashville about the guitar-driven song about pretty girls. As the school year ends, according to the song, friends reconnect for some fun because time together is limited. “Everyone’s been there,” he continued. “Everyone’s wanted to make the most of a few weeks, to chase after some girl or some guy, and few things will ever make you feel that alive again. The guys who played on this track really bottled up that rush, and got it on the record.”

Earlier this summer, Chesney wanted to build up the song’s authenticity. He offered a scholarship to a middle Tennessee college student who created a video for the track. Chesney used it to create the real music video, following a young man’s pursuit of having a summer romance with a local pretty girl.

“It’s easy to forget about the innocence of being young and being so caught up in what you’re doing every night, who you’re with, falling in love,” Chesney states. “That’s what made this song so special. It’s everything being that age, chasing girls and the night is made of. It’s why I wanted someone who was living it to make the video, and it’s why I think people responded to the song. It felt real, and free, and alive.”

The entire album contributes to his successful career that has earned him the CMA Album of the Year, ACM Single of the Year and duets with Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Uncle Kracker and Grace Potter. He also experimented with new styles that led to other tracks that were hot on the charts, including “American Kids.”

“Music to me is the place where life truly lives,” Chesney explained to Sony Music Nashville. “When a song is right, when you can really feel it, there’s no denying the passion or the heart. If there’s one thing that sets No Shoes Nation apart, it’s how much they feel things and how hard they respond. ‘All the Pretty Girls’ is everything they’re made of; the response, and this No. 1, once again prove it.”

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