Kenny Chesney Challenges College Kids to Create “All The Pretty Girls” Music Video

kenny chesney all the pretty girls

photo: Sony Music Nashville

Country music star Kenny Chesney's new single “All The Pretty Girls” is going to college. More on Chesney's unique music video approach here.

Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University students listen up—- Kenny Chesney wants you to create a music video for his latest single, “All The Pretty Girls.” That’s right, the country music superstar is encouraging students from both universities to submit a video they’ve created for the tune.

“Get creative. Get real. Get inside the song, and show us how ‘All The Pretty Girls’ looks, feels, and resolves,” Chesney shared. “I wanna help a student filmmaker with school. And I want to give people a chance to get creative this summer.”

The ultimate winner will be chosen by a panel from Sony Nashville, CMT: Country Music Television, and Chesney’s own team and will receive a $5,000 scholarship. The entry will also have a world premiere via CMT: Country Music Television.

“The best moments of being young and having fun should be captured,” Chesney reflected. “But nobody ever talks to the people who are right in the moment of living it about this kind of thing. Rather than look back, we oughta just go to the people living it.

Listen to “All The Pretty Girls” below!

There are about a million ways a music video could represent these lyrics and we can’t wait to enjoy the results!

“I remember driving over the state line to West Virginia, playing in a restaurant, breaking down, driving back and parking in the music store lot, so I could turn in the sound system and get to class,” Chesney says. “When you have a dream, you’ll do whatever it takes. I’d like to bring some college students a little bit closer than I got… and I can’t wait to see the creativity everyone brings to this song.”

Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University students can go here for more information on the exciting contest. (Act fast, the deadline is July 23rd and the winner will be announced July 31st.)

Be sure to share this amazing opportunity with those who can enter!

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