Kelly Clarkson Dishes About Her Mothering Goals

Kelly Clarkson Dishes About Her Mothering Goals

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In a recent interview American Idol, and mother of four, talked about many things ranging from her body weight issues to her mothering goals.

When you are a famous person with kiddos you are often looked to for parenting advice, among other things. Recently, the original American Idol Kelly Clarkson opened up to Redbook Magazine about her views on being a mom.

Clarkson has four children, two of her own and two from her husband’s previous marriage, and she admits that sometimes wine is the only thing getting her through the hard times of being a mom and full time superstar.

The “Love So Soft” singer grew up with a single mom working to support her three children while going to school. Much different than what Clarkson’s own biological children will experience.

“Well to start with, every time I see my mom, I’m just, I’m in awe of how she did it. She had three kids living under one roof in this tiny apartment, and she worked and put herself through school, and became a teacher, and was the director of a day care… And she really got the shaft from my biological father and was just handed all this stuff with no help. Now, as an adult, I understand that must have been so hard, you know?” Clarkson said.

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Clarkson knows that her major hurdle will be to teach her daughter to be a strong confident woman, especially in a world that can be critical of women and their bodies as Clarkson knows all too well.

“I try to just be a confident female for her — and I believe actions obviously speak louder than words, it’s an old saying but it’s very true. I’m sure [all of my kids will] end up in therapy for something. But I hope it won’t be for lack of confidence. And, I want my boys to not be afraid of that” Clarkson continued.

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Clarkson recently wrote and published a children’s book titled River Rose and the Magical Christmas, named after her daughter River Rose. The book is the second in the series and due out next month (October 2017). Clarkson’s next album will also drop next month. You can check out the first release below titled “Love So Soft”.

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