Kelleigh Bannen Landlocked

Kelleigh Bannen

photo: Facebook Artist Page

American Country singer Kelleigh Bannen performs her music video "Landlocked"

Watch Kelleigh Bannen perform her music video “Landlocked” as a new song from her album Cheap Sunglasses:

The lyrics to “Landlocked” were written by Kelleigh Bannen, Jason Lehning and Scott Stepakoff.

This is a great Country Music song for summer.   The song opens with “”Cold cans sweating in the sun. Can I get another hit from your water gun? Nine hours to the closest beach, but my next door neighbor’s got a new AGP…and he’s fillin’ it up”.  “We might be landlocked; it might be damn hot. We can build a sandbox in the back of your pickup truck in the parking lot”

The opening chorus is:

When life don’t give you waves, spike some lemonade

Get on tank top and flip flops, everybody on the block is landlocked

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