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Kelleigh Bannen

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Kelleigh Bannen's "Church Clothes" song invites people to drop the facade in life and expose the truth in a relationship.

Kelleigh Bannen released “Church Clothes” as a single and split with her record label over the decision.   The song is personal to Kelleigh as she first performed the song when her parents were separated and later divorced after 40 years of marriage.   The song is a journey of discovery for hidden problems in a relationship.  In an interview, Banned stated about the song, “You don’t know if they break up and you don’t know if they stay together.  But I think what you can take away on the positive side is that it’s almost like it’s a mirror. It begs the question what damage do we do to each other, if we’re all buttoned up and have this facade, and we’re not giving each other permission to be not OK sometimes? Or if your life has to be perfect what do you do when it’s not perfect? And the fact is, it’s not all perfect. ‘Church Clothes’ is really that invitation to drop the facade.”

Watch the music video and check out the lyrics to the tune below.

Kelleigh Bannen Church Clothes Music Video

Nicolle Galyon and Liz Rose co-wrote the lyrics to “Church Clothes”.

Church Clothes Lyrics

A pressed shirt, you tuck it in
You tie your tie, and tie it again
I put a little curl in my hair

Pink on my cheeks barely there

A proper skirt, hits at the knee
A good sweater in winter green
You shake the keys, downstairs
I hit the lights not a minute to spare

Slipped a five in the bible for the offering plate
What a beautiful picture we both made

You drive, I look out the window
It’s not right but nobody said so
We walk in and head to the same pew
And hold hands, just like we’re supposed to
But last night you slept on the sofa
And these days I don’t even know ya
We fight like hell but nobody knows
When we’re wearing our church clothes

We stand up we sing a hymn
We say a prayer for other friends
We’re turning to the book of John
I’m thinking how I can’t go on

But we smile and we give it our Sunday best
If we’re lost couldn’t tell by the way we dressed

You drive, I look out the window
It’s not right but nobody said so
We walk in, I head to the bedroom
But you don’t, you do what you want to
Like last week when you packed a suitcase
And came close to getting your own place
Oh that’s the stuff that nobody knows
When we’re wearing our church clothes

Oh we don’t speak
Don’t touch as if nobody’s watching us
Lord knows we’ve got it down
What would they say if we gave up

You drive, I look out the window
It’s not right but nobody said so
We walk in like we’ve never been so close
Miles apart but careful that it don’t show
When we’re wearing our church clothes

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