Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Talk Milestone Birthdays [Video]

keith urban and nicole kidman

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During a recent interview, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman shared some delightful stories and lots of laughs. More here!

While on the always entertaining The Graham Norton Show in London, country music star Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman revealed some interesting tidbits about Nicole’s past birthday celebrations. Apparently, Nicole isn’t a big fan of surprises— the unexpected makes her almost instantly break out in cold sores. Ouch.

Though Keith remained mum about his plans for his wife’s 50th birthday on June 20th, the pair did discuss what went down during her 30th and 40th birthdays. Though Nicole wasn’t so keen on being ambushed in Montana for her 30th by loved ones, her 40th birthday celebration sounds super romantic.

“I lit off a ton of fireworks,” Urban recalled about setting up Nicole’s special birthday treat. “She was shooting a film in Australia and we were in this very small town in Australia. I miraculously found some company nearby that did fireworks and said, ‘Just bring everything you have. Just bring everything.’ And there was like a little mountaintop or something and I had a couch taken up there, dropped off there, and we drove up there. We got out of the car and I said, ‘Oh look, there’s a couch over here!’ She’s like, ‘A couch?’ We sat down and then all these fireworks started going off.”

Enjoy Keith and Nicole’s wildly entertaining storytelling below!

Nicole isn’t the only one marking a half century of life, Keith turns 50-years-old on October 26th! For fun, Graham shared embarrassing photos of Keith from early in his career— tight jeans and all!

“You know what’s really criminal about that is actually, that was last Tuesday,” Urban kidded as the photos were unveiled.

Enjoy the hilarious throwback photos below!

Oh goodness, Keith has changed A LOT over the course of his almost fifty years on this planet.

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