Keith Urban Discusses Creative Connection with Nicole Kidman

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In a recent interview, Keith Urban talked about his very special creative bond with actress wife Nicole Kidman. More here!

Country music standout Keith Urban and award-winning actress Nicole Kidman are an exception to the rule that celebrity marriages usually do not work out. It can be a difficult partnership when both husband and wife are bright shining stars and are constantly in the public eye, but when it comes to Urban and Kidman it works out beautifully.

The key to their happy decade-long marriage is their ability to support and inspire each other’s careers, which can be the key to many great marriages.

“I think because we’re both artists, we just live in a very stimulated environment as far as artistry goes and creativity. We just both are that way naturally. We’re passionate and curious about our art and where it can go. I think, equally, the same really, with that desire and curiosity to keep creating. That’s really what drives both of us” Urban recently told Rare Country.

Recently, both Urban and Kidman have had huge things happening in their respective careers. Urban has been racking in the accolades from his most recent album Ripcord, while Kidman has starred in the two widely successful projects: “Lion” and her HBO limited series “Big Little Lies.”

Recently, Urban made a grand gesture to Kidman to show his love by purchasing the home she lived in as a child until she was four years old. Kidman is Australian by heritage, however the actress was born in Hawaii and her childhood home is located in Oahu. Kidman has very fond memories of her father, who passed away in 2014, living there and the home will serve as a place she can go to remember and “be” with her dad.

Kidman’s 50th birthday is in June, so this could also be her birthday present from Urban— which is pretty impressive and incredibly sweet.

No matter what, we expect Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to stay the happy, adorable couple we see below. So much love!

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