Keith Urban Talks Family, Career, Having a ‘Good Cry’ & More [Videos]

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Country music singer-songwriter Keith Urban revealed a lot about his family, career, and personal life. Watch clips from his interview here!

Country music entertainer Keith Urban, 50, isn’t afraid to get candid and really opened up during his chat with Andrew Denton on the Australian program Interview. Urban revealed a lot about his family and even shared how he deals with his emotions in a healthy manner.

So what causes the successful star to tear up and let his feelings take over?

“Oh, anything. [It’s] accumulative, accumulative things that didn’t really warrant a cry at the time, and they add up, you know,” Urban confessed. “I mean, little things, the passing of time, kids growing up, the loss of friends, loved ones for all manner of reasons — all of it.”

Besides dropping that interesting tidbit, Urban also talked about his wife of twelve years, Nicole Kidman, and how nervous he was about calling her for the first time. In Keith’s eyes, the actress was way out of his league, but once they stared communicating, he realized they shared a lot in common.

Oh and Keith’s wardrobe on the night they first met probably didn’t hurt his chances with the Aussie beauty…

Of course, the sexy lyrics Urban’s “Gemini” track were brought up since the song directly references Nicole Kidman. So how did the line “you’re a maniac in bed / you’re a brainiac in your head” come about? Here’s the answer…

As fans know so well, Keith’s relationship with Nicole led him to seek out help for his addiction issues and helped him get into a much healthier place. The couple have two daughters together, 10-year-old Sunday Rose and 7-year-old Faith Margaret. As can be expected, the tight-knit family has a favorite sing-along song— but it has nothing to do with country music. Watch Keith give us a little taste of the tune…

When it comes to fan encounters, Keith makes sure that he is in 100% ‘dad mode’ when he’s with his daughters. That means turning down fan requests in order to ensure their safety and privacy.

Keith says that Sunday looks more like him and that Faith resembles Nicole. Their mannerisms are a blend of both parents and so are their interests. Keith also wonders if his daughters have a mixed relationship with music since it’s what takes him away on the road.

Besides digging deep into his private life, Keith also shared which country icon made a strong impression on him when he was just 5-years-old and attending his first concert.

He also defended his hairstyles over the years…

During his career, Keith has seen a lot of really funny fan signs from the stage. This one remains his favorite…

What a great interview! It really gives you a better look at Keith as a person and makes you appreciate him so much more.

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