Juice Newton Hurt (video and lyrics)

Juice Newton Hurt

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The Juice Newton Hurt cover was released in 1985.  Her version reached #1 on the Billboard’s Country singles chart starting February 8, 1986.  This was her third #1 country hit and was a track on her “Old Flame” album.

“Hurt” is a poignant narrative of love gone awry. The lyrics depict the aftermath of a painful breakup, where the protagonist grapples with the emotional fallout. Newton’s delivery is laden with sincerity as she expresses the ache of heartbreak, painting a vivid picture of the scars left behind.

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Juice Newton Hurt Audio Video

“Hurt” is a 1954 song by Jimmie Crane and Al Jacobs. “Hurt” was originally performed by Roy Hamilton.  The Juice Newton version was the only cover to reach #1 on the U.S. charts.

Juice Newton Hurt Lyrics

I’m so hurt
To think that you were…, you lied to me
I’m hurt
Way down deep inside of me
You said your love was true
We would never…, never ever part
But now you want someone new
And it breaks my heart
Much more than you’ll ever know
Yes, darlin’ I’m hurt
Because I still love you so
But even though you’ve hurt me
Like nobody else could ever do
I would never, never hurt you
But even though you’ve hurt me
Like nobody else could ever do
I would never, never hurt, hurt you
I’m so hurt

The emotional resonance of “Hurt” has prompted various artists to cover the song over the years, further cementing its status as a classic. Newton’s rendition has been praised for its authenticity and emotional depth, setting a high bar for subsequent interpretations. The song’s enduring legacy is a testament to its ability to connect with listeners across generations, solidifying its place in the pantheon of timeless ballads.

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