Joey Feek’s Sister Jody Shares Memories at Memorial Service [VIDEO]

Jody Feek spoke at a memorial service for her sister Joey Feek in Indiana.

photo: Facebook

Joey Feek's sister Jody spoke at a memorial service in Indiana.

Joey Feek’s Sister Jody Shares Touching Memories

Jody may be the older sibling, but Joey Feek¬†was the one that left the more profound impact on her sister and family. Jody and Joey had always been close, but got so much closer during the last five months of Joey’s life when Jody committed to being her full time nurse in their home in Indiana.

The sisters spent many nights together sharing memories, love, and what was in their hearts.

“We spent hours, sometimes talking until 3 AM, about our families, our personal struggles, our fears, our weaknesses. We also talked about our greatest satisfactions and what marks we want to make and leave in this world. We cried about the day we lost our brother, and how his death affected us in similar but different ways” Jody says.

“The thing we talked most was love, the love she shared for our Savior Jesus Christ and how important it is for her girls to know him, trust him, and follow him. The love she had for Rory, and her family, how she loved taking care and providing for them.”

“I will forever be thankful for the past five months,” Jody continues.

“Joey’s taught me so much about myself I never saw, about love, about living, and about sacrifice.”

Watch the emotional Jody Feek video below:

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