Enjoy Joey Feek’s ‘Cooking at Marcy Jo’s’ Segments [Videos]

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During the ‘The Joey+Rory Show,’ Joey Feek and sister-in-law Marcy Gary would delight viewers with their culinary know-how and welcoming Marcy Jo's charm.

Back in January 2007, Joey Feek and Rory‘s sister Marcy Gary opened up their Columbia, Tennessee eatery Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery. When not tied up with Joey + Rory obligations, Joey would work at the homey establishment which serves up a delicious array of comfort food.

During RFD-TV’s ‘The Joey+Rory Show,’ Marcy and Joey would often share some of their favorite recipes with viewers. Let’s take a look back at this culinary duo’s best dishes. You can even purchase the official Marcy Jo’s Cookbook written by Marcy and Joey here

Marcy Jo’s Trophy Chili

Marcy Jo’s Jalapeño Pot Roast

Marcy Jo’s Potato Soup

Marcy Jo’s Chocolate Molton Cake

All of these recipes look like real winners. The chemistry between Joey and her sister-in-law Marcy was so natural and full of humor. Joey is truly missed.

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