Enjoy This Feel-Good Music Video from Joey Feek’s Solo Career

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Before Rory and Joey Feek formed a duo--- Joey was recording on her own!

Before meeting husband Rory Feek and forming the duo Joey+Rory, Joey Martin Feek was a solo artist signed to Sony Records. Unfortunately, the album she recorded with Sony in 2002 was shelved and never released to the public— not even a single hit country radio.

“I had been in Nashville about two years, and I knew nothing about the [music] industry,” Joey told CMT in a 2008 interview.

“I really never found all the great songs [for the album] I was hoping to,” she continued. “Halfway through making the record, Rory and I met, and we got married probably within four months of meeting. Looking back, it’s nothing I would record today, but at the time, I was really proud of it.”

After marrying Rory, he produced her 2004 Strong Enough To Cry album, which was a collection of classic country songs penned by the late artist herself. One of the tracks on the record was a boot-stomping, patriotic song called “Red.” Check out Joey Feek’s music video and lyrics for the fun country tune below.

“Red” Lyrics

If all the clothes you wear are camouflage
And you drive around in a dually Dodge
With a blue-tick hound ridin’ in the bed
You’re red, you’re red

If you’re into sittin’ in a tree stand for daylight
With an eight point buck in your sights
And not for sport but to keep your family fed
You’re red, man you’re red

You’re red, white and blue
Country through and through

If your arms are tan and your chest is white
And your idea of eatin’ right
Is turnip greens, fried chicken and cornbread
You’re red, You’re red

Now, if you don’t know who your congressmen are
But you can name every driver in NASCAR
And you cried when you heard Earnhardt was dead
You’re red, man you’re red

You’re red, white and blue
Country through and through

You’re American lovin’, flag wavin’, northern-southern family raisin’
Workin’, playin’, heaven prayin’ country through and through

If Haggard sings your favorite song
And you learned the difference between right and wrong
With a hickory switch out behind the shed
You’re red, you’re red

If your letter jacket says FFA
And you spend your summers bailin’ hay
With a John Deere cap sittin upon your head
You’re red, man you’re red
You’re red, you’re red

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