These Videos Show Joey Feek and Indy Feek’s Deep Bond

joey feek and indy feek

photo: Facebook

Joey Feek and Indy Feek's relationship was so darling and tender. Enjoy these sweet mother-daughter moments!

Rory Feek captured years of footage, but these two videos are especially heartwarming because they so clearly display the love between Joey Feek and Indy Feek.

The first clip shows his wife and daughter on the morning of Indy’s first birthday in February 2015. In the segment, Joey happily greets her little one with a cheerful “Good morning, birthday girl!” Indy looks thrilled to see her mother’s beaming smile.

“Are you ready to get up? Guess what Jesus brought you,” Joey happily chirps as she moves to show Indy the winter wonderland that’s developed outside.

In the equally adorable video below, Joey cheers for Indy as she helps her figure out the potty situation. Joey just radiates love and Indy soaks it all up— what great memories.

These joyful scenes come from Rory’s tribute film for his late wife “To Joey, With Love,” which is set for a final encore showing on Thursday, October 6th. Visit to enter your zip code and see where the closest theater to you is showing it and even get your tickets in advance.

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