Joey Feek’s New Album Brings Back Emotional Memories for Rory

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photo: Joey + Rory Facebook

After a long wait, Rory Feek has finally witnessed one of his late wife's dreams coming true--- the wider release of Joey Feek's solo album.

Joey Feek’s solo debut album, If Not For You, debuted on Friday, April 7th through Gaither Music Group/Farmhouse Recordings. The 12-song collection is also available in a special edition featuring a 48-page booklet of photos, memories, and stories penned by Rory.

Obviously the wide release of Joey’s solo album, which was recorded back in spring of 2005, has struck an emotional chord with the late singer’s husband, Rory.

“At that time, we had high hopes for the record Joey made that spring. Both Joey and I did. We prayed that God would bless those songs, and that her dream of following in her hero Dolly’s footsteps would come true, Rory shared in his most recent This Life I Live post. “But God had a different plan. Looking back years later, it was easy for Joey and me to see that God didn’t say no at the time … instead, what He said was, ‘Not right now.’”

Despite the hardworking couple’s heartfelt attempts to make the album successful over a decade ago, the timing just wasn’t right.

“The record in its original form (using her maiden name, and titled Strong Enough To Cry) has sat quietly on a shelf for the last 10 years, waiting for the right time to come along … when maybe, somehow, someone would care. A time like now,” Rory explained.

Though Joey didn’t get to live to see her solo album become readily available to a national audience, Rory is pleased that her dream has finally been realized in 2017.

“I’m so proud that this album is finally getting the chance to be heard… and I think the new title is perfect. Though I know that when Joey originally recorded ‘If Not For You’ – and years later, when she wrote those words one of the sweet cards she gave me – they were originally her way of honoring me… the phrase ‘If Not For You’ has come to mean something different to me now. Each time I hear her sing it now, I think about how different my world would be if Joey wasn’t in it.” Rory continued, “I almost can’t remember life before Joey, and can’t imagine having lived a life without her in it. Even now, though she’s no longer with us, she is very much still here. Her presence is that strong, and her impact on my life and this world is that special.”

If Not For You is exclusively distributed by Capitol Christian Distribution and Universal Music. It is available throughout general market stores and the Christian marketplace, and through online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Target,, and The recording is also available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

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