Jimmy Fallon Has Blake Shelton Try Sushi for First Time [Video]

blake shelton and jimmy fallon

photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Blake Shelton probably would rather use his meal for bait...

Country music star Blake Shelton has traveled extensively throughout his career but has never tried sushi before, so Jimmy Fallon took him to acclaimed sushi restaurant Nobu in order to broaden his horizons.

Shelton described the Sake (rice wine) as tasting like ‘Easter egg coloring’ and the pickled ginger as having the texture of ‘chewed gum.’ Not a great introduction to the main course…

As the sushi tasting progressed he seemed stuck on the texture and look of the selection— ‘human tongue’ and ‘play-doh’ were two of the singer-songwriter’s most memorable descriptions.

The “Came Here To Forget” singer admitted to liking one of the dishes but seemed mildly horrified by the rest of the offerings and kept asking for more “rice wine” throughout the dinner— probably to truly forget about what he just ingested…

The most hilarious moment of the entertaining segment came when the pair took a shot of sea urchin gonads. Yes, gonads. Blake handled the shot like a champ while Jimmy nearly lost it.

In the end, Jimmy surprised Blake with what he truly desired— a good ol’ classic Big Mac hamburger. Be sure to share this video with anyone who could use a good laugh!

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