Jessie James Decker “Lights Down Low” Video and Lyrics

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"Lights Down Low" was released by Jessie James Decker in August of 2015 and is expected to be included in Decker's forthcoming 2nd studio album.

The song is co-written by Alyssa Bonagura and was inspired by Decker’s relationship with husband Eric Decker, with whom she stars on the E! network reality series,Eric & Jessie: Game On.  “Lights Down Low” debuted at number 38 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, giving Decker her largest country music hit to date.   This song and music video celebrates the joys of staying a home versus going out on the town.  Watch the official music video and check out the lyrics below:

Lights Down Low Music Video

Lights Down Low Lyrics:

You and me we’re sitting in the kitchen
6 PM, should I make a reservation?
No, let’s stay home
‘Cause I’m good with pancakes for dinner
I’m in your t-shirt and we’re playing Lynyrd Skynyrd
Oh, let’s stay home

Baby turn the lights down low
We ain’t got no place to go
Turn on the stereo
Barefoot, dance with me now, dance with me now
Turn on the disco ball
Kiss me up against the wall
Laughing so hard we fall
Cause this is our night
Gonna turn all the lights down low
Take it real, take it real, take it real slow
‘Cause this is our night
Gonna turn all the lights down low

Run a bath and pop a little champagne
I, I love the way we celebrate
Oh, ’cause you know
That I’m good with watching old movies
Playing footsie, ah under new sheets
Oh, let’s go!


No need to take me downtown
When we’re having this fun and no one’s around
We know what happens here
When the lights go down, the lights go down
Lights go down, the lights go down



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