Jennifer Nettles Songs (Top Solo Performance Music Videos)

Jennifer Nettles Songs

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Jennifer Nettles songs have included a wide range of country music classics many of which were written by Nettles.

Jennifer Nettles songs have included her solo performance and many songs written and performed for her Country Music duo band Sugarland.  Jennifer is best known for her duo performances with Sugarland performing alongside Kristian Bush that enabled her to break into the mainstream country music scene.  Country superstar Jennifer Nettles is a talented songwriter, singer, and actress.   She has won five awards for her amazing songwriting and had a busy 2016 releasing two critically-acclaimed albums – PLAYING WITH FIRE and TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS.  In 2015, Jennifer made her Broadway debut as Roxy Hart in the Tony Award-winning, record-breaking musical Chicago. She played her role as Dolly Parton’s mom Avie Lee Parton in the holiday-themed sequel Coat of Many Colors, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. Jennifer also played a lead role on the inaugural season of American Supergroup, serving as a celebrity judge alongside Elle King, Aloe Blacc and Jason Scheff. Most recently, she starred as Donna in the Hollywood Bowl’s summer production of Mamma Mia!.   Enjoy watching the singer and songwriter side of Jennifer Nettles below.

Jennifer Nettles has released several great songs as solo performances over the years.  Watch the top Jennifer Nettles songs music videos for 4 of her solo performances below including:

  1. That Girl
  2. Heh Heartbreak
  3. Unlove You
  4. Sugar

Jennifer Nettles That Girl has over 4M YouTube views and was released in 2013.

1.  Jennifer Nettles Songs:  That Girl Music Video

Jennifer Nettles released “Heh Heartbreak” in 2016 and the music video has over 1.6M views.

2.  Jennifer Nettles Songs:  Heh Heartbreak Music Video

Enjoy watching the music video released in 2016 by Jennifer Nettles performing Unlove You.with over 12.7M views.

3.  Jennifer Nettles Songs:  Unlove You Music Video

Jennifer Nettles released her Sugar music video in 2015 with over 400K views.

4.  Jennifer Nettles Songs:   Sugar Music Video

As a bonus, watch Jennifer Nettles and her band perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen live in concert

Jennifer Nettles Bohemian Rhapsody Performance

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