Brittany Kerr (Aldean) Shares Details About Her Life [VIDEO]

Jason Aldean’s Wife Shares Details About Her Life [VIDEO]

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Brittany Kerr Aldean is a beauty enthusiast and the wife of country mega star Jason Aldean. Now she shares details about her life with fans.

Brittany Kerr became Brittany Aldean over three years ago and the couple now have 2 children together.  Being the wife of a successful country music musician can be a big endeavor. You are constantly on the road and constantly in the huge shadow of your famous spouse. Brittany Kerr Aldean knows this better than most and on the cusps of bringing her first child into the world, she got reflective with the Grand Old Opry in their Better Half video series.

Outside of being a sweet and beautiful ex-cheerleader, Brittany is a makeup expert and lifestyle video blogger.

I realize how much makeup and hair and trying to make yourself, you know, look better and learn all these new tips and tricks helps women feel better about themselves, which is why love what I do now” Brittany says.

It’s safe to say that the wife of Aldean practices what she preaches because she is known for her stunning appearance and impeccable make up.

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Brittany isn’t the only Aldean wearing make up though, even Jason gets in on the fun! Brittany tours with her husband and when he has to do television interviews or photo shoots, she acts as his make up artist to tame the shine and soften the age around his eyes.

“Jason is such a country boy that he obviously doesn’t like to have makeup on. But if he has some cool stuff coming up, interviews or a video shoot or something, I’m right there. So it’s kind of convenient for him” she says laughing.

Beauty isn’t the only subject Brittany dished about with The Grand Ole Opry. She also discussed the ins and outs of being a wife to one of the most famous country music men in the business.

“I’ve met so many wives of other artists that kind of get the things you go through because having your husband be on the road all the time or, you know, trying to start your own company or business or do your own thing separate from your husband or make a name for yourself even is kind of difficult and a lot of people struggle with that” Brittany confessed.

“It’s kind of easy to lose [confidence in yourself] when you live with such a big star. Everything they do is so cool and their shows are so big, it can kind of make you feel a little more minute” she continued.

It’s obvious that Brittany is the type of person to thrive no matter what situation she finds herself in, especially her current one of being a beauty entrepreneur and the wife of Jason Aldean. Her next role is “mommy” and we can’t wait to see her shine!

Check out the full interviews below!

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