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Country music star Jason Aldean is often deep into the songwriting process, but many of his creations don't make it to the recording studio.

Country music superstar Jason Aldean is an avid songwriter, but his own material doesn’t always make the cut when he’s choosing tracks for his projects. The Georgia native’s latest studio album, Rearview Town, doesn’t include any songs that he had a hand in penning.

“If you look at my albums over the years, there have been times when I’ve written stuff that ends up on the record, but more often than not, I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my songwriting,” Aldean explained to The Boot. “On this record, I actually really made an effort to sit down and write some stuff, and there are some cool songs that may end up on another record or on somebody else’s record, but I go with gut instinct. If there’s another song that I think is better than what I wrote, I’m going to cut the other song.”

With so much songwriting greatness concentrated in Nashville, it’s easy to see why Aldean often passes over his own creations in favor of the works of other talented individuals. Over the years, the entertainer has amassed enough clout to grab up the cream of the crop.

“When you’re a new artist, it’s harder to get these songs, because the publishers in town obviously want the A-list guys cutting their stuff, and rightfully so,” he shared. “At this point in my career, it’s easier to get those songs. We have guys that specifically write for us. For each record, we’re offered a lot of songs — I’d say hundreds — and narrowing it down to 15 or so.”

As for the songs that Aldean shelved and doesn’t plan on picking back up for himself in the future, he will release them as options for other artists to record. Although it must be difficult parting ways with songs you’ve personally created, obviously Jason knows how to follow his instincts and pick real winners.  He wouldn’t be where he is today without that knack.

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Rearview Town dropped on April 13th. Check out the track list ans songwriting credits below!


1. Dirt to Dust
(Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Michael Tyler)

2. Set It Off
(Brandon Kinney, Jody Stevens, Josh Thompson)

3. Girl Like You
(Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, Michael Tyler)

4. You Make It Easy
(Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen)

5. Gettin’ Warmed Up
(Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, Cole Taylor)

6. Blacktop Gone
(Brett Beavers, Derric Ruttan, Josh Thompson)

7. Drowns the Whiskey (Feat. Miranda Lambert)
(Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton, Josh Thompson)

8. Rearview Town
(Kelley Lovelace, Bobby Pinson, Neil Thrasher)

9. Love Me or Don’t
(Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen)

10. Like You Were Mine
(Kurt Allison, Jonathan Edwards, Tully Kennedy, Brian White)

11. Better at Being Who I Am
(Casey Beathard, Wendall Mobley, Neil Thrasher)

12. I’ll Wait for You
(Nick Brophy, Michael Delaney, Jennifer Hanson, Neil Thrasher)

13. Ride All Night
(Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Houston Phillips)

14. Up in Smoke
(Jessi Alexander, David Lee Murphy, Chris Stevens)

15. High Noon Neon
(Tony Martin, Lee Miller, Neil Thrasher)

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