Jason Aldean Shares His Favorite Summer Memories

Jason Aldean Shares His Favorite Summer Memories

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Like many of us, country singer Jason Aldean loves summer. He has fond memories of baseball and beaches and has now recreated his favorite parts of the season for his own family.

Aldean’s parents separated when he was young and while he mainly grew up in Georgia with his mom, he spent summers with his father in Florida.

“I always played baseball in the summertime, so I spent a lot of summers doing that,” Aldean explained to media recently. “My parents are divorced, so I lived with my dad in the summer. I’d go down to Florida and he lived a few miles from the beach. I basically spent every summer of my life at the beach about four days a week.”

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“Even now, I have a house in Florida. When summertime rolls around and it starts getting warm, I pack up and go live in Florida for a couple months. That’s summer to me. It’s sitting on the beach, drinking a few beers, eating some oysters, having family coming to town to hang out and vacation for a week or so. To me, that’s summer. Now it’s amphitheaters too, that’s summer. It’s become summer,” he explained.

Florida plays a big part in the lives of the Aldeans, with his own children (and the baby boy on the way) spending their summers there now. Even one of the songs from his latest They Don’t Know album, “A Little More Summertime”, was discovered while Aldean was driving around in the sunshine state.

“I was actually headed to my house in Florida, in my Jeep; I’m driving through this little beach town, and I’m listening to this song. I had a CD of songs I was listening to for the new album, and I’m driving through this little beach town as the song comes on, and it was almost like something out of a movie. My wife was sitting next to me, and she fell in love with the song. That was pretty much it. I had to cut it.” Aldean said of “A Little More Summertime”.

Listen to the song below and hang on to summer with Jason Aldean!

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