Jason Aldean’s Oldest Daughter Aims to Play Guitar

jason aldean oldest daughter

photo: Jason Aldean Instagram

Country music star Jason Aldean's oldest daughter, Keeley, has music on her mind! Check out what the teenager is up to....

Country music entertainer Jason Aldean‘s 15-year-old daughter Keeley has taken an interest in music and wants to learn how to play the guitar. As can be expected, Jason is thrilled even though the music she’s interested in pursuing is far from country.

jason aldean oldest daughter
photo: Jason Aldean Instagram
“She just came up to me a couple months ago and said she wanted to start learning how to play guitar,” Jason recently shared during an interview with Taste of Country Nights. “I was like, ‘Well, okay, what do you want to learn? Do you want to learn how to play rhythm? Rhythm acoustic, kinda like I play?'”

Not quite, Keeley had a little something else in mind regarding her musical leanings: “She was like ‘No. I want to play like Slash, from Guns N’ Roses.’”

While that isn’t exactly Jason’s preferred style, he told his daughter, “I like where your head’s at” and then recruited help from an unlikely source— YouTube.

“I learned to play by ear, so I technically can’t sit there and go ‘it’s this,’ or ‘it’s that,’” Jason admitted. “I’m a rhythm player — I can’t sit there and rip off a solo for you. I learned by listening to records and figuring it out. I play chords all the time that I don’t even know what the name of the chord is!”

While Jason is giving her pointers and helping navigate YouTube tutorial videos, he also wants to recruit someone else to make sure Keeley is really learning from the best! You might have guessed it— Jason’s going to have his lead guitarist help out as well!

“It’s pretty cool that she’s just showing interest in it,” Jason concluded. “I think any time that you can learn to play an instrument, no matter what it is, that’s only going to be a great thing.”

We look forward to hearing Keeley absolutely shred it! Maybe Jason and 10-year-old Kendyl can team up and learn some new rock n’ roll dance moves…

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