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Jason Aldean's musical perspective is constantly shifting. He wants to make music that he enjoys--- even if it invites criticism from the industry and fans.

Georgia native Jason Aldean continues to up his game with each studio album he releases. Aldean’s latest record, Rearview Town, was released on April 13th. Instead of relying on the industry’s musical expectations, the star gravitates towards music that truly speaks to him. And he’s not the only one seeking self-fulfillment through his music. Fellow country music superstar Tim McGraw is also known for scrapping all the expectations from the record label, industry, and fans.

While Aldean realizes that his constantly evolving musical perspective and sound may draw criticism, it ultimately makes him happier.

“I don’t know what people are gonna like. What I do know is what I like, and I know if I can record an album that I think is cool, that I enjoy, I hope my fans are gonna like it too,” Aldean said, according to Taste of Country. “That’s how I’ve gotten to this point – making music that I thought was cool and they’ve become fans of it. I completely get where [McGraw] is coming from.”

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Aldean’s albums are the obvious example of his creative approach, especially his most recent three. But the songs he chooses to be singles are also reflective of his fearlessness.

The entertainer chooses to lead his albums with unique singles. “Burnin’ It Down” was inspired by hip-hop and it introduced Old Boots, New Dirt back in 2014. The hard-hitting “Lights Come On” served as the lead single from They Don’t Know. Rearview Town’s “You Make It Easy” is vulnerable and gives listeners a look into his softer side, which he hasn’t done much before. Fans have grown to love the country rocker’s shifting musical style since his debut on the Nashville scene in 2005.

All three singles had a rough road to No. 1, sparking criticism along the way, but you won’t find any reaction from Aldean. In fact, his “I don’t give a damn” attitude is what makes his music so great and so honest. As he keeps adding songs to his repertoire, you’ll find that they are not tied to each other. Each album speaks for itself.

“Obviously you want them to like it, but you can’t make [music] to please someone else,” Aldean said. Especially when popular trends change each year and other influences rise to the surface, it’s hard to find something to please everyone. His seven hit studio albums are a reminder that artists can change, and that’s okay. To find success, you have to be flexible.

Aldean knows the ropes and listening to his musical instincts has paid off big time. He has been on the radio consistently since he was 28-years-old and just earned his third consecutive ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award at the 2018 ACM Awards.

“I think every album has parts of it that allow you to look into what’s going on with that particular artist at the time. Whether it’s ‘You Make It Easy,’ which reminds me of my wife,” Aldean said. “There’s always songs like that that you can somewhat get a glimpse into the artist’s life.”

The country superstar is unpredictable, but that has only helped build his reputation as a top artist in the country genre. The music he puts out continually grabs attention because it’s quality, relatable music powered by unmistakable delivery.

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