Miranda Lambert Nixed Jason Aldean’s First ‘Rearview Town’ Duet Pick

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photo: Miranda Lambert Facebook/ Jason Aldean Website

"Drowns the Whiskey" was not country music superstar Jason Aldean's first choice when it came to collaborating with Miranda Lambert. More here!

As previously revealed, country music entertainer Jason Aldean‘s eighth studio album, Rearview Town, will feature a duet with fellow country music hit-maker Miranda Lambert.

“Miranda and I have known each other for a long time,” Aldean shared recently with multiple media outlets. “We kind of got started in this business together. We did a song together on my second album called ‘Grown Woman,’ which turned out to probably be my favorite song on the album.”

Although Aldean had another track in mind for their collaboration, Lambert insisted on recording “Drowns the Whiskey” with her longtime friend and musical peer.

“I had a [different] song in mind, and I sent it to her, and she was kind of iffy on it,” Aldean explained. “I was like, ‘Hey, listen, if you don’t like it, it’s cool. I want you to love whatever we wind up doing. We’ll find something else.'” The star then pitched “Drowns the Whiskey” to the songstress and she agreed to cut the track.

“It turned out great, just like I thought it would,” the Georgia native added about the recording. “It became one of the highlights of this record.”

Rearview Town drops on April 13th. Check out the track list below!


1. Dirt to Dust
(Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Michael Tyler)

2. Set It Off
(Brandon Kinney, Jody Stevens, Josh Thompson)

3. Girl Like You
(Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, Michael Tyler)

4. You Make It Easy
(Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen)

5. Gettin’ Warmed Up
(Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, Cole Taylor)

6. Blacktop Gone
(Brett Beavers, Derric Ruttan, Josh Thompson)

7. Drowns the Whiskey (Feat. Miranda Lambert)
(Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton, Josh Thompson)

8. Rearview Town
(Kelley Lovelace, Bobby Pinson, Neil Thrasher)

9. Love Me or Don’t
(Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen)

10. Like You Were Mine
(Kurt Allison, Jonathan Edwards, Tully Kennedy, Brian White)

11. Better at Being Who I Am
(Casey Beathard, Wendall Mobley, Neil Thrasher)

12. I’ll Wait for You
(Nick Brophy, Michael Delaney, Jennifer Hanson, Neil Thrasher)

13. Ride All Night
(Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Houston Phillips)

14. Up in Smoke
(Jessi Alexander, David Lee Murphy, Chris Stevens)

15. High Noon Neon
(Tony Martin, Lee Miller, Neil Thrasher)

While we wait for Jason and Miranda’s latest collaboration to debut, enjoy listening to “Grown Woman” from Aldean’s 2007 album Relentless.

“Grown Woman” Lyrics

It’s only a little pain
It’ll be gone in a couple of days
Or maybe a life or two
It’s only my poor heart
Just that little thing you tore apart
It ain’t no headline news
But a
Grown woman
Known better than to treat me like some
Old lipstick you use up and throw away
Hey, hey, hey
I wish I could turn back time
To when you were just a child
And teach you a thing or two
About love
It’s okay if you wanna give up
But there’s a way to leave someone
And you don’t have to be so cruel
‘Cause a
Grown woman
Known better than to treat me like some
Old dish rag you use up and throw away
Hey, hey, hey
You’re supposed to treat your lover
At least as good as your neighbor
So how could you, a grown woman
Not know no better
I ain’t no
Lipstick you use up and throw away
‘Cause you’re ready for another shade
Hey, hey, hey
You should’ve known better
‘Cause you’re a grown woman

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