Jana Kramer’s Puppy “Waffles” Is The Cuteness We Need Now

jana kramer puppy

photo: Jana Kramer Instagram

Jana Kramer recently introduced the newsest addition to her household--- Waffles the puppy! Meet the wiggly pup right here!

With tragedies and natural disasters happening all over the globe right now, it can be hard to take a minute to see the beauty and goodness in life. Country music entertainer Jana Kramer has lightened up Instagram and given her followers a welcome ‘cuteness’ break with photos of her new puppy, Waffles!

The singer officially welcomed the pup into her family earlier this month and has been posting sweet Waffle updates ever since! Behold the adorableness and get lost in the puppy’s dark brown eyes…

Everyone please welcome our new addition to the family…..Waffles. @waffleskramer ! #puppylove

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Just when it no one thought it could get any cuter, it did! The next picture features Jana’s one year old daughter, Jolie Rae, meeting little Waffles for the first time. It’s almost impossible not to smile at Jolie’s excitement as she meets her new best friend!

A girl and her dog….#besties #beaglelove #family @waffleskramer

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Just moments after this picture was posted Jana hit fans with another burst of joy— Jolie Rae and Waffles riding side by side in a kiddie princess carriage together!

It doesn't get any better than this…..her smile. #myheart #waffles

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As if all this puppy love wasn’t enough Jana Kramer made Waffles an Instagram! That’s right, this pup has more followers and likes than most people! It’s no question why though— all posts come from Waffle’s point of view and unveil a whole new level of cuteness!

Hi!!!!!! I'm waffles !!!! My mom is @kramergirl and I love my big sister Jolie! Follow me to see my adventures!!!!

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So what adventures can a little pup be going on at just a few months old? Watching classic Homeward Bound for starters as well as taking a trip the vet and getting the bill of health as well as some delicious treats!

Homeward bound is on…

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Oh and shopping…

And finding a soft place in the grass to take a nap!

In addition to adding Waffles the dog to her family, Jana Kramer has been keeping up in the country music industry. Jana dropped her newest single, “I’ve Done Love” around two months ago and is still busy promoting it! In a recent post, she thanked Sirus XM The Highway for having her out for Music Row Happy Hour where she had the opportunity to perform and keep promoting that single!

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