Jana Kramer Talks Fighting for Marriage

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Jana Kramer is setting the record straight as she opens up about her recent struggles with her current marriage to Michael Caussin.

If you remember Olivia Caridi from season 20 of “The Bachelor,” then you may have heard about her very own podcast. The reality show personality talks to all kinds of guests about relationships and dating on her podcast called “Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi.” She recently welcomed country music singer Jana Kramer, and they got right down to business discussing the current struggles of Kramer’s marriage to Michael Caussin.

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Kramer has been hurt by her past relationships. She opened up about her personal experiences with domestic violence, and since then, she is working her way towards a solid and loving relationship. However, her current marriage seems to be in the midst of some hardship. Here’s a little of what Kramer said in order to set the record straight on her marriage.

“He is still my husband. Everyone is like ‘your estranged husband.’ We technically separated,” Jana clarified. “We didn’t separate in the court. I was going to try and keep it a secret because I really didn’t want things coming out for my daughter to see them. We made a statement saying we were separated, trying to figure out things. Then I got on Dancing With The Stars and things went crazy.”

“He got out of his rehab, which was talked about in the papers. But since then, I haven’t made a statement because I’m just focusing on our family and trying to figure it out,” Jana continued. “What I say is, ‘it’s day by day.’ We’re not divorced, he is not my estranged husband, he’s very much in my life. Legally he is my husband. I have a ring on my finger and we are actively working on it.”

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Jana and Michael initially met via Twitter. They married on May 22, 2015, and Jana gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Jolie Ray, in January 2016. Seven months later in August, the couple announced their separation. It is reported that the decision was made due to Michael’s infidelity.

“It’s hard,” she said. “Some days I’m like, ‘I can’t do this, I physically can’t do this.’ But other days I’m like, ‘No, fight for it, it’s for our family.’ I’ve given up so easily in the past before, so I really want to sit in the trenches and fight for it. [Michael’s] working really hard and we both love our little girl. At the end of the day, no matter what, we’ll be amazing parents to our daughter.”

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Kramer feels like she is learning from the situation, though, which is good for her. “It’s still hard. Trust is a hard thing when it’s broke, to get back. We’re in so much therapy, it’s not even funny. It’s good though, I’ve learned so much about myself in the process and either way, we’ll come out healthier.”

Besides working on her marriage, the actress/singer recently worked on a Christmas movie with Wes Brown and Faith Ford. She just dropped a new single, too, called “I’ve Done Love.”

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