Jana Kramer Gets Candid About Past Domestic Abuse

jana kramer domestic abuse

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Country music starlet and actress Jana Kramer recently received an award for her efforts related to raising domestic abuse awareness. Learn more about her personal story here.

Jana Kramer got her big start in 2009 as an actress on the hit television show One Tree Hill. In 2012, she burst onto the country music scene when she released her popular single “Why Ya Wanna.”

Recently, the Michigan native was presented with the Voice of Empowerment honor and bravely described her experience with domestic abuse at Safe Horizon’s 22nd Annual Champion Awards. In her speech, Kramer explained how she became trapped in an abusive relationship that she could not escape. At the time, Jana Kramer was only 19-years-old. Her tearful speech details repetitive life-threatening incidents which forced her to finally reach out to her family for support. The encouragement she received eventually lead to her freedom. Now Kramer is working to become a voice and role model for other women stuck in similar situations. She also praises the positive impact Safe Horizon has on victims of domestic abuse.

Watch Jana Kramer’s emotional speech below!

So what is Safe Horizon? Safe Horizon is a nonprofit organization located in New York City that assists victims of domestic violence. They help men and women understand they are not alone in their fight against abuse and drive home the fact that domestic violence is in no way the victim’s fault. Despite being located in New York, their website has a multiple hotlines victims can call for help.

Although it took Kramer fourteen years to make her past abuse public knowledge, she’s now using her story to aid others like her. When asked why she kept her story a secret for so long, Kramer told Sounds Like Nashville, “I thought that if I shared my story, that people would view me as broken [so] I held it in for 14 years.” Her top priority is preventing her young daughter, Jolie, from experiencing any situation that resembles her past.

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