Jake Owen Unleashes Raw Emotions in “What We Ain’t Got” Music Video

Jake Owen Unleashes Raw Emotions in “What We Ain’t Got” Music Video

photo: Sony Music Nashville

Jake Owen's latest album, 'Days of Gold' delivers a pleasing mixture tracks giving a voice to life's triumphs and struggles.

Jake Owen hit the nail on the head with this haunting What We Ain’t Got piano ballad. If you haven’t listened to all 12 tracks off of his Days of Gold album, take time to do so. The collection truly captures his depth of artistry and is a real treat for country fans to enjoy.

Owen’s emotionally-charged What We Ain’t Got music video features real people fighting to overcome personal challenges such as illness and addiction. Owen recently explained the casting choice to reporters in Nashville, “It was really important to have the people that we used in the video.The first guy you see is Travis Meadows, who wrote the song. It was important to have him in there because everything he went through to write the song — from addiction to losing his wife — you can see it in his face in the video. The lady without hair, the girl in the wheelchair — it was real important to have real people and real scenarios in the song to help with the message of it as opposed to it just being me.”

Overall, What We Ain’t Got gives fans an alternate and more serious view of the popular country crooner. It will be interesting to see if this track launches the 33-year-old singer into the conversation for CMA and ACM Awards.

Owen definitely took a creative leap and deserves the recognition!





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