Jake Owen Talks About Family, Music, and Style

jake owen

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Glamour Magazine interviewed "Days of Gold" singer Jake Owen recently where he opened up about his career and family life.

Jake Owen has had quite a big past 6 years. He released two albums (Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Days of Gold), toured with the mega-star Kenny Chesney, among many others, and most importantly cut his infamous hair!

While many of his fans know all of the above, not many may know that he originally wanted to be a pro-golfer or that he was discovered in a bank!

Glamour Magazine sat down with Jake to discuss his current state of affairs and a little about his history. You can read the full interview here.

One of the first questions asked was about his moment of discovery:

“I went to start a bank account in Nashville on Music Row at SunTrust Bank at the time. I was 23. I didn’t have a lot of money, maybe under $1,000, but enough to pay for my first month’s rent. I had a little money from playing acoustic gigs that I got paid tips. More than just putting money away in a bank, I wanted to start a relationship with people in town” Jake says.

“Well, as weird as this sounds, I think the word manipulate can be taken two different ways. All of us can manipulate our lives for the better, so that’s what I did…I manipulated the situation. I started a bank account and figured why not go [to the bank] on Music Row that deals with other musicians and music-industry people, so when they ask me why I’m in town and I say, “To get something going,” maybe she knows someone that can help me, and that’s exactly what happened. She asked me what I did, and I told her, and she said, “I’d love to hear your music,” so I gave it to her. Next thing I know, I got a call from someone. It was weird because I literally played that scenario out in my mind. By no means was I being boisterous or cocky, but you do have to believe in yourself and set out with a goal or you might not ever fulfill it. So she helped me out a lot, and that’s how it all started.” Jake continues.

The interview then goes on to ask the BIG question: Hair. Jake of course doesn’t take himself or his hair too seriously (thank goodness). When asked what his wife thinks he said:

“She likes it. She cut hers short as well—above her shoulders. The consensus seems to be…I mean, it’s weird, people come up to me and say, “You look way better with short hair,” and I’m like, “Sh-t, I wish someone had told me this 10 years ago!”

I think we all can relate to that way of thinking!

Jake says his third album should be coming out in August or September and it’s going to be a happy one.

“It’s going to be a growth upon the last album, but in a way cooler, more fun way. Songs are about life—living life, loving people, and just being happy.” Owen says.

Jake also talks about his daughter Olive and how she reacts to hearing her daddy on the radio.

Jake Owen

photo: c/o Jake Owen

“She does [recognize my music], and it’s not a big deal to her. When we’re listening to the radio and one of my songs comes on, she’ll be in the backseat playing with her iPad and then say, “There’s Daddy.” She knows it’s me, but she doesn’t freak out about it.”

We wonder what Olive thought about the haircut? :)

Stay tuned for more on Jake Owen‘s upcoming album and news!

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