Jake Owen Helps Facebook Launch its New Celebrity Live-Streaming Platform!

Jake Owen

photo: c/o Sony Music Nashville

Watch Jake Owen's archived video from his live-steam with fans that happened on August 5th on Facebook.

Facebook has launched a platform where your favorite artists can now go live and chat with their fans via video. “Live for Mentions”, a feature inside its VIP-only Mentions app, allows big-timers to broadcast live video to their fans.

Not only is the video streamed live, but it is added to each respective Facebook page for fans to view later!

This archive feature is what makes this different from other services such as Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook’s version allows fans to comment on streams as they are happening, as well as showing the celeb how many people are watching them at any given time.

Jake Owen gave the app a try on August 5th and MANY of his fans jumped at the opportunity to interact with Owen from their computer screens.

Owen’s video had 50K views in less than an hour, proving country fans will stop at nothing to connect with their favorite artist, even at 12am!

Owen began the video by commenting on how exhausted he was, having been up early and traveling all day to reach a Salt Lake City hotel room with his tour manager Greg Fowler.

Owen unfortunately did not have his guitar with him, so as to not disappoint his fans, he sang acapella throughout the video randomly.

He also brought his tour manager into the shot to let fans ask him a few questions. Fowler worked with the band Alabama in the past for over 20 years and has been with Owen for over 9 years. Both Owen and Fowler were obviously having a good time throughout the live stream.

Owen was very grateful to have the opportunity to connect with his fans, something that has been the theme in his “Real Life” release and video series lately.

“I gotta give Facebook a lot of credit for hoppin’ on this bandwagon, because for guys like myself and other artists that enjoy staying in contact with our fans, Facebook launched this today where we can go live with everyone. I love reading the comments on this one,” Owen says.

Watch the video below and follow Jake Owen on Facebook HERE to stay on the look out for the next one!

Going LIVE for the first time.. random hotel in Salt Lake.. let’s chat

Posted by Jake Owen on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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