Jake Owen Spent 36th Birthday at Disney World With Daughter [Pics]

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photo: Jake Owen Instagram

Country music artist Jake Owen spent his birthday with a real princess, his young daughter Pearl. See the cute photos here!

Country music entertainer Jake Owen had some “Good Company” when he celebrated his 36th birthday earlier this week— his adorable four-year-old daughter, Pearl! The sweet pair spent the day enjoying Disney World together.

“I’ve had some great birthdays, but yesterday was one of the best ever. I sometimes think.. Damn. I’m getting older. Just when that thought crosses my mind, I realize how my life is only getting better day by day. This little girl Pearl is the reason I wake up every day and TRY to be the best man I can be. Every day it’s a challenge to be the best Dad I can be to her and make sure she knows that there isn’t a song, a show, or anything that comes before her. Single Dad life isn’t what I’d planned on, but I’m so lucky that I have this little girl to constantly remind me of my purpose on this earth. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I’m also so damn blessed to have the friends and family that surround me. Life is great at 36,” Owen shared via Instagram.

Owen admits that parenthood is tough as a single parent. He split from his ex-wife, Lacey Buchanan, back in 2015. However, he says the family found a way to make it all work.

“It’s hard being a single parent,” Owen recently shared with PEOPLE. “But the great part about it is her mom and I still get along really well. So when she has dad time, it’s cool things that she does with dad, and then when she’s with her mom, she does things that she doesn’t do with me. It’s a very well-rounded situation for her.” She seems to be handling it really well, too. He added, “Just because you can’t be together doesn’t mean you can’t still be great parents.”

The Florida native truly appreciates the time he gets with his daughter and how she brings him back to a simpler life with less distractions. “People spend so much time on their phones and on social media and things like that,” Owen quipped.

“What I love the most about my time with my little girl is just — I feel like it’s the only true time where when I ask her a question, she genuinely is listening and giving me her 100 percent honest opinion. She hasn’t even learned how to lie. She hasn’t learned how to preface her stories because of how she thinks people will take them or not. It’s that pure, genuine conversation, and I love that. I think that’s what kids add to the world, is that they remind you that life is beautiful and the little things matter.”

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