Jackie Lee Documents Cancer Battle Through “Long Year” Video

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photo: Jackie Lee Facebook

Country music singer-songwriter Jackie Lee has dealt with a lot over the past few years--- the death of his mother and his own cancer journey.

Country music artist Jackie Lee, 26, has revealed this week that he has been privately battling testicular cancer. The lyrics of his new song, “Long Year,” touches upon the grief he has suffered due to losing his mother to ovarian cancer in June 2016. However, the song’s music video covers Jackie Lee’s very personal cancer battle and series of chemotherapy treatments.

“Honestly I’ve had deep moral confliction about sharing this very private and personal story, but my family and team have encouraged me so much in the last few weeks to share this and I am doing so in hopes that it may encourage even just one person to keep going. Life isn’t fair and quite frankly it just sucks sometimes. God never promised it wouldn’t suck but he did promise he would be faithful (Deuteronomy 31:8). I’m so thankful I have a mom and a dad that not only taught me this but lived it in front of me. Life is hella short and I just wanna make as much as I can of the time I have here. The love I have felt today has been incredible. Today I am just very thankful,” Lee shared via Instagram.

At this moment, the artist is thankfully cancer-free. Watch the very emotional “Long Year” music video below!

“I feel like I have walked through a minefield and have made it to the other side, but what do I do now?” he shared with Taste of Country before debuting the video. “Just playing shows and singing songs might be nowhere near important enough anymore. I’m still very young. Even if I live to be 100 years old, it’s not a lot of time. I’m as confused as hell, but I hope that when the video comes out, I start to see a clearer picture of what I want to do with my career.”

While “Long Year” focuses on Jackie’s own story, he hopes others find strength in it. “It’s not just about a cancer journey. Everyone has problems that seem insurmountable, but you can find a way through it,” he shared. “You can always find a way through it.”

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