Rory Feek Shares Footage of Indy Feek Walking [Watch]

indy feek walking

photo: Joey + Rory Facebook

Indy Feek walking like a superstar will make your heart burst with joy! Watch the video documenting her amazing progress here.

As promised, Rory Feek has updated fans on little Indy‘s amazing progress just one week after her third birthday. Enjoy watching Indy’s amazing journey towards walking independently below!

While appearing on NBC’S TODAY last week, Rory opened up to Matt Lauer about his daughter’s milestones. “She turns 3 this Friday. So as exciting as the Grammy’s are, that’s a little more exciting for us. She started taking steps and she really took about eight steps at her little school—she goes to a special needs school in Nashville. I told her ‘I’m so proud of you, Indy,’ because she’s turning 3. I said, ‘A lot of kids don’t learn to walk until they’re 1’. It’s amazing especially when you take the pressure off the expectations so if they can just do it the way that they need to do it and we just celebrate it, it doesn’t feel late.”

Indy has been working so incredibly hard at High Hopes, an amazing preschool and developmental center that specializes in working alongside children with special needs, to master the art of mobility. Just look at where she was only 10 months ago!

We love seeing Indy’s determination and persistence in action! There’s no doubt that Joey would be proud of the rapid progress her daughter is making, it was always her dream to see Indy gain independence. Go, Indy!

Also, check out this adorableness with big sister Heidi Feek.

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