Indy Feek Enjoys Music Just Like Mom & Dad [Pics/ Videos]

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photo: Joey + Rory Instagram

It's safe to say--- 3-year-old Indy Feek loves music and it clearly loves her right back. Enjoy this collection of cute videos and pictures!

Little Indy Feek has certainly developed a real love for music, just like her late mother Joey Feek and doting father Rory Feek. Fortunately for us, Rory and eldest daughter Heidi have been generous with sharing entertaining snapshots and video clips of the spunky 3-year-old through social media. To celebrate this big— and growing— part of Indy’s life, let’s enjoy her latest musical endeavors!

“Hush, Little Baby” Sing-along

…born to sing. Our sweet neighbor Jan Harris singing with Indiana last night.

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Indy Goes Unplugged

watch out @firekidmusic she's catching up to ur #flatpicking except don't give her a pick bc she's too small ok

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 Movin’ Merch Like A Pro

movin merch with bbsis and @firekidmusic

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Adding a Popular Tune to Her Repertoire

…piano lesson w Miss Amber this evening – learning "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"

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Learning Directly from the Best

…watching baby, watching mama sing "In The Garden". Heartbreaking. Healing. Hard to understand.

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Adding Choreography to Her Skill Set

…hokey pokey w Heidi and Dill.

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Earlier this year, Indy received a very special gift from Rory— a 1926 Steinway & Sons baby grand piano. While that gift may seem random for a youngster, it’s totally fate.

As Rory explained in a past This Life I Live entry, the family’s Tennessee farmhouse has quite the musical history. “In 1999, a few months after I bought this old farmhouse we live in, I started researching the family who built the house in 1870’s… And I came across an old history book from this area that said that Calvin and Sarah’s two youngest daughters, Mollie and Veva Hardison, were schoolteachers… but it also said they were well-known songwriters and that some of their songs were published in the 1890’s.”

That’s right, Joey and Rory Feek weren’t the first talented musicians to inhabit the rural property. Mollie and Veva’s story spurred Rory to bring music back into the house via a vintage piano, but the new addition has another purpose as well.

“Joey and I want Indy to grow up loving music and learning to play an instrument… Another reason is because with all that’s happened in our lives, there hasn’t been any new music in the house for a long time, and having a piano sitting in the middle of the living room might encourage there to be some,” Rory revealed. “…and every evening before bedtime, Indy sits beside me and we ‘play’ together. I play chords down low and Indy pushes on the high keys while I tell her what notes they are. She smiles and giggles. It’s precious. I can play piano a little bit (a few chords, etc) but not much. Maybe that old piano will help me in some way too.”

Clearly Indy is getting use out of her special birthday gift and music has officially returned to the Feek household.

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