Indy Feek Rings in Fourth Birthday at Beach! [Pics]

indy feek birthday

photo: Joey + Rory Facebook

Believe it or not--- Rory and Joey's daughter, Indy Feek, just turned four-years-old! See the pictures from her beach birthday trip here!

Rory and Joey Feek‘s little girl, Indiana, is now four-years-old! The young lady got a break from the winter weather in Tennessee and spent her special day in Hawaii. Scroll through the adorable pictures of Indy at the beach below!

…a birthday kiss for our little Indiana who turns 4 years old today. #shehashermamassmile #birthdayatthebeach☀️

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Rory is 100 percent correct, Indy does have her late mother’s beautiful smile and is looking more like her every day. It’s hard to believe that Indy is already 4-years-old and that her mother passed away nearly two years ago. Time goes by do fast!

Big sister Heidi didn’t get to make the trip to Hawaii, but was sure to share some birthday love and a heartfelt message along with this cute video clip.

As for what’s next for the Feek family, well Hopie got engaged to her girlfriend Wendy in December and recently went wedding dress shopping! The pair of sisters now reside in Alabama.

pickin out the perfect shade of white for lilsis 💖👰

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Earlier this month, Rory shared his latest project with fans through his This Life I Live blog— his new book titled “Once Upon A Farm.” The book, which is due out on June 19th, encompasses the highs and lows Rory has experienced in his life since purchasing the family farm back in 1999.

“Like the story of the photo on the cover of this book, our story is not simple. My story. And my wife’s and my family’s. It is complicated. Very complicated. I spent 240 pages telling a lot of it in my first book, ‘This Life I Live.’ And I loved telling it, but the truth is, there’s more. So, so much more,” Rory shared referring to the difficulties of capturing the perfect bookcover photo.

“To tell the story of how Indy and I and our older girls are moving forward and of the hope that is unfolding now, I had to go backward and share more about the end of another great story of hope. Because this one couldn’t be told if that one didn’t happen. One cannot be without the other. We couldn’t have this life we’re learning to live on our own, if we didn’t have the life we lived with my wife Joey before it,” he continued.

Watch the official book trailer below!

“Once Upon a Farm” is currently available for pre-order here and Rory’s first book, “This Life I Live“, is now offered in paperback in stores and online. Be sure to share the Feek family’s latest news with other fans!

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