Indie Country: Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane

photo: Artist Website

Watch emerging Country Music artist Nikki Lane's top music videos and discover a new independent country artist.

Nikki Lane grew up in South Carolina and now resides in East Nashville as a Singer and Songwriter.   She grew up influenced by Dustry Springfield, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn and other classic country artists.   Watch music videos for three of her top songs including:  “All or Nothin”, “Right Time” and “Jackpot”.

Nikki Lane “All or Nothin” (Live Performance in Nashville)

Nikki Lane “Right Time”

Nikki Lane “Jackpot”

Nikki Lane has released 3 Country Music albums including:

  1. Highway Queen (2017)
  2. All or Nothin’ (2014)
  3. Walk of Shame (2011)

Her latest album Highway Queen is poised to be Lane’s mainstream breakthrough.  About the album, Lane stated, “Am I excited to spend years of my life in a van, away from family and friends? No, but I’m excited to share my songs, so they’ll reach people and help them get through whatever they’re going through. To me, that’s worth it.”

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