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Singer Hunter Hayes is set on using his music to convey a bigger message. Check out three clips from his mini-move "Pictures" here!

Attention all Hunter Hayes fans! Go get your popcorn and get comfortable because the moment you have been waiting for is here! The singer has been giving fans teasers of a little project he’s been working on and it’s all slowly coming together!

It’s all a part of the bigger picture. Take a look behind the scenes of #Pictures with The Making of Pictures! [Link in bio]

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Hunter is going to bring you a blast from 1950s past as he’s in the background with a total Grease get up playing the piano of his first music video “You Should Be Loved.”

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But the story he is wanting to convey is a little deeper than the picturesque setting. Hunter is planning on creating a mini movie series entitle Pictures that will showcase being in a healthy relationship filled with love. The first clip encompasses two different stories- a couple experiencing love at first sight as well as a girl trying to escape a hostile relationship.

The story continued in the following months and once everything is released the movie will premiere at a theater in Nashville where Hunter lives. In addition to the movie premiere, there will be a panel and a concert from Hunter himself!

Pictures is a totally new experience for me,” Hunter recently told Forbes. “We’ve never done anything like this and I love how it takes you out of current reality and transports you to a different time and place entirely, where each song tells a piece of the story.”

“With part one I’m only able to share the beginning,” he revealed. “I can’t wait for the fans to hear the new music and watch as the rest of the story is told along the way.”

Check out “You Should Be Loved” below:

The next second song and music video released is entitled “More” and continues the 1950s love story and includes another couple that is separated because of the military. Continue watching the love story below:

The conclusion you may ask? Check out part three “This Girl” but fair warning, tissues might be needed!

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