Hunter Hayes Talks Girlfriend, Libby Barnes

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Country music artist Hunter Hayes and girlfriend Libby Barnes click well because they are always on the same beat. Read more about their love, here.

Louisiana native Hunter Hayes recently shared how he and his beautiful girlfriend, Libby Barnes, maintain a thriving relationship. Despite a busy schedule, the 25-year-old thanks communication for the pair’s success. In an interview with People, Hayes said, “Everyone talks about communication, but like being super clear, super upfront. We just promised to each other that we’re gonna make time and commit to being with each other.” It’s good to see them sticking to their commitment.

She is incredible. She is love, patience, strength, kindness, happiness, beauty and a blessing to anyone who's lucky enough to know her. Happy Birthday Babe!

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Although it’s not clear when the attractive couple started dating, they went public with their relationship back in 2014 when Barnes accompanied the country music singer to the CMA Awards. Following the appearance, accusations that the duo had a secret wedding were denied by Hayes. Since, it has been confirmed that the rumors were false.

In fact, Hunter Hayes recently commented on taking their relationship to the next level. He insists that he is waiting for the right time to propose. He also told People, “Rush is never a good word for anything, but I know my heart’s happy, and I hope she’s as happy as I am.”

New hats!! #representin #nash #ville #teamwork

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“Hanyiacs,” Hunter Hayes’ biggest fans, across the world are curious about his lady love. So who is Libby Barnes? She is a 27-year-old makeup artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her favorite food is Strawberry Nutella Crepes. Another artist that she enjoys listening to, besides Hunter Hayes, is Beyoncé . Aside from makeup, Barnes enjoys recreational dancing. She certainly sounds fun!

On top of hanging out with Barnes and creating music, Hayes has just partnered with Heartguard Plus and the Warrior Canine Collection to promote awareness surrounding the therapeutic ability dogs offer to war veterans. If you follow Hayes on Instagram, you know he loves puppies because he posts as many photos of his adorable dog, Cole, as he does of Barnes.

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Learn more about Country singer Hunter Hayes by watching this quick 1 minute interview.

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