Chris Young Talks About Upcoming Album and Current Single ‘Losing Sleep’

Chris Young New Album

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Chris Young has already released the single “Losing Sleep” which will be on his upcoming album.

A little over two weeks ago, Chris Young made his fans happy by releasing the new single “Losing Sleep”. The song is another sexy ballad where the term “losing sleep” isn’t referring to tossing and turning about having a big test the next day, as you can see in the scandalous lyrics below:

Fall into me
Let me breathe the air you breathe
I can take you anywhere you want to be
When it comes to us
Every single touch is something special
When we’re wrapped up in those sheets

Happy Monday! If you haven't gotten "Losing Sleep" yet, go get it.

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The song was written by Young and former co-writers Josh Hoge and Chris DeStefano. Having written with Hoge and DeStefano before, the writing came incredibly easy for Young.

“Anybody will tell you, if they’ve been in the room with either one of those guys, they’re fantastic writers. ‘Losing Sleep’ is an idea that I’d been kicking around for awhile, and I brought it in to Chris (DeStefano) and Josh (Hoge), and we just went off to the races with it and got something that I was really excited about” Young explained recently in an interview.

When asked about the new album and when fans can expect it, Young was unable to give any specific details.

“We have already tracked all the songs. We still need to do a couple vocals and some over-dubs on the back half of the record, but the first half is already finished and mastered. Really, really close, honestly” he admitted vaguely.

Even details such as will there be any collaborations on it is being kept under wraps with Young just saying “I’m not gonna say no”.

In the meantime, we can still listen to the sexy new song “Losing Sleep” and look forward to the entire album from Chris Young…which will come out hopefully soon!

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