How Well Do You Know Montgomery Gentry? [QUIZ]

How Well Do You Know Montgomery Gentry? [QUIZ]

photo: Montgomery Gentry Website

If you're a fan of Montgomery Gentry, take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the iconic Country music duo!

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry are known for their working class song lyrics that present a passion for living life.  The iconic Country music duo has kept their fan base for the past 15 years!  How well do you know Montgomery Gentry?  Take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge!

1.)  What state were BOTH Eddie and Troy born in?

A. Tennessee

B. Kentucky

C. Alabama

D. Texas

2.)  Who began performing with his parent’s band?

A. Eddie Montgomery

B. Troy Gentry

3.)  Who won the 1994 Jim Beam National Talent Search in Nashville, Tennessee?

A. Eddie Montgomery

B. Troy Gentry

4.)  What name did the duo originally go by before changing their name to Montgomery Gentry?

A. Two Country Boys

B. Troy and Eddie

C. Gentry Montgomery

D. Deuce

5.)  How many times has Eddie Montgomery been married?

A. Once

B. Twice

C. Three times

D. Never

6.)  What is the name of Troy Gentry’s wife?

A. Allison

B. Betsy

C. Angie

D. Dolly

7.)  In October 2014, Troy Gentry’s wife was diagnosed with cancer.  What type of cancer was it?

A. Breast

B. Lung

C. Skin

D. Bone

8.)  Which member of Montgomery Gentry was diagnosed with prostate cancer?

A. Eddie Montgomery

B. Troy Gentry

9.)  In 2000, Montgomery Gentry won the CMA Awards Vocal Duo of the Year, ending an eight-year winning streak by what duo?

A. Thompson Square

B. Sugarland

C. Big & Rich

D. Brooks and Dunn

10.)  What was the title of Montgomery Gentry’s first album released in 1999?

A. Montgomery Gentry

B. That’s Something To Be Proud Of

C. Tattoos & Scars

D. My Town

photo: Montgomery Gentry Website


1.)  B – Kentucky.  Troy Gentry was born in Lexington while Eddie Montgomery was born in Lancaster

2.)  A – Eddie Montgomery.  He began performing with his parents’ band at the age of 5.  The band was called “Harold Montgomery & Kentucky River Express.”


3.)  B – Troy Gentry.  Troy began singing guest vocals with bands around his area.  He eventually won the 1994 Jim Beam National Talent Search in Nashville, and his talent took him from there.

4.)  D – Deuce.  The band was originally called Deuce.  Before signing their first record label and releasing their first single, they changed their named to Montgomery Gentry.  It sounds much more professional and mature, anyways!

5.)  B – Twice.  Eddie Montgomery was married twice.  His first marriage was to Tracy Nunan from 1990 to 2011.  Three years after that divorce, he married Jennifer Belcher.

6.)  C – Angie.  Troy Gentry’s wife is named Angie.  They married in 1999.

photo: Getty Images

7.)  A – Breast.  Angie Gentry was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2014.  She beat the cancer after having chemo and a double mastectomy.

8.)  A – Eddie Montgomery.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010.  Luckily it was caught early and Eddie was announced cancer-free by the next year.  His father died from the cancer in 1994 at age 52.

9.)  D – Brooks and Dunn.  Brooks and Dunn had won the CMA Awards Vocal Duo of the Year for the previous eight years until Montgomery Gentry knocked them off the throne in 2000.  What an accomplishment for both duos!

10.)  C – Tattoos & Scars.  Montgomery Gentry released their first album in 1999 titled Tattoos & Scars.  The album featured chart-topping hits, including “Hillbilly Shoes” and “Lonely and Gone.”

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