“Throwback” to Good Times with Georgia’s Homegrown Band [Video]


photo: c/o Homegrown

Emerging country music group Homegrown's "Throwback" music video will surely put you in a summertime mood. Enjoy it right here!
Many use the term ‘homegrown’ in the context of organic produce and livestock or to denote a certain set of values or way of life. For the members of Georgia-based Homegrown (Craig Brannon, Kevin Brannon, Megan Blair, and Jason Cole), their name refers to the sound and substance of their songs—earthy but bright, honest, undeniably country music created by four lifelong friends playing in a band and experiencing life together.

The quartet’s video for their latest single, “Throwback,” will make anyone who hails from a small town instantly nostalgic with its rural scenery and laid-back vibes. The tune is featured on Homegrown’s new five-song EP, appropriately dubbed Georgia, which is the follow-up to the group’s full-length debut album, 2015’s Summer Song.

Enjoy the official “Throwback” music video below!

Country Fancast recently caught up with the band to gab about their latest efforts and music. See what they had to say below!
1) Country Fancast: “How did Homegrown Band meet and decide to form a quartet?”
Homegrown: (Craig speaking) “My brother, Kevin, and I started the group with our drummer, Jason. We actually got our start playing in our home churches doing Christian country and bluegrass gospel and touring around the West Georgia area where we’re from. Soon after we began writing more mainstream country and things started to evolve. We met Megan through a mutual friend on college, and she had the opportunity to sit in on a show with us. Our voices just seemed to click and blend so well, we knew we had to make her part of the group!”
2) CF: “Can you all tell us a bit about your latest EP titled, Georgia?”
HB: “Georgia is a collection of songs co-written by Homegrown and some very talented Nashville writers. With writing sessions split between Nashville, and Lake Wedowee in Alabama, this EP showcases songs about life as we know it. Whether it’s a conversation with your heart about a boy in the ballad ‘Fall’ or a feel good laid back day on the lake in the Summer smash ‘Summer Time’ this EP has a little something for everybody.”3) CF: “Since the release of your first EP back in 2012, how has HB’s creative vision and sound evolved?”
HB: “First off I think we as people have definitely matured since 2012. We were young and just getting this thing started with our first EP and now we are all in different places in our life and you can see that in our writing. A perfect example of that is when you listen to the song ‘Fixin’ To’. This song is about the dreaded ‘Honey Do List’ that all married men can relate to. We write about what is real to us at the time and with I think that our sound evolves with it.”

4) CF: “What inspired your single ‘Throwback’ and its corresponding music video?”
HB: “When we were writing ‘Throwback,’ it was a song that came to us easily. Most people from the south, like all of us, tend to romanticize and stick to things like old movies, drive in theaters, dancing, or the ice cream shop on a date. That’s the kind of stuff that we grew up doing. ‘Throwback’ is really just an extension of that experience; the single and the video were our way of showing the world what a Friday night looks like in Carrollton, GA.”

5) CF: “Where can fans catch HB this year on the road?”
HB: “We’re already booked solid through the summer and early fall. We keep the tour schedule up on our website and post upcoming dates on our Facebook. Fans should check there first to see where we’re headed next!” (View their full tour schedule here.)

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