Hillary Scott’s Husband Takes Oldest Daughter on Surprise ‘Date’

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photo: Hillary Scott Instagram

Lady Antebellum artist Hillary Scott's husband, Chris, recently treated their eldest child to a very special father-daughter outing. More here.

Daddy-daughter dates for the win! Lady Antebellum star Hillary Scott‘s husband, Chris Tyrrell, decided to surprise oldest daughter, Eisele, as he picked her up in a suit from school. More on the precious story here!

The couple’s 4-year old daughter has learned to share her parents’ attention since her newborn siblings were born in January.  All eldest siblings inevitably have to face this day at some point, especially when newborn twins are in the picture. Scott’s husband, a.k.a Dad of The Year, thoughtfully planned a surprise date for Eisele, making sure all focus was on her!

Hillary took the sweet moment to Instagram to share with fans.

“Big sister got picked up at school today by her 🤴🏻 in a suit to take her on a surprise special date. Where? To their favorite “fancy” restaurant. Why? Just because. As he left the house today he asked, “Should I wear a tie?”…just like he would ask a friend before a first date. And I swoon….because I have a husband like that…and our little girls have a daddy like that. Thoughtful. Intentional. Heart of gold,” a proud Hillary shared.

The picture Scott selected makes the Instagram post even sweeter— he even brought her clothes to dress up in!

The father of three daughters has announced that he will be taking time off from his drummer position in country music band, Lady Antebellum. Get ready for his reason, grab tissues. The thoughtful husband and father decided it will be best if he take care of their children while Hillary is touring with the band.

“I’ve been a bandmate, employee, husband and dad, so I’m okay removing a hat,” Chris told People. “Besides, when you looked at whether the band could do without me or her, there wasn’t much question!” What a lucky family to have a real gentleman taking care of them!

Also, check out the twin’s gorgeous nursery below! Be sure to scroll all the way through for a sweet photo of Chris dancing with Eisele while Hillary watches as she holds the sleeping twins.

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