Hilarious Bloopers from Barbara Mandrell’s TV Show

Hilarious Bloopers from Barbara Mandrell’s TV Show

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Check out these hilarious bloopers from country icon Barbara Mandrell's TV show.

This vintage video will definitely add some humor to your day! Country music pioneer Barbara Mandrell’s variety TV show, Barbara Mandrell and The Mandrell Sisters, co-starred herself and her two sisters Louise and Irlene. The 45-minute segments, which aired weekly for 2 seasons between 1980-1982, featured the three sisters performing a series of comedy sketches as well as country music performances. The show saw major success while it ran, but unfortunately due to Mandrell’s busy schedule, the show did not return for a third season.

Even the most successful stars aren’t totally perfect, and with any TV show, there’s bound to be a blooper or two (or three or four or five…).

Check out these absolutely hilarious Barbara Mandrell bloopers below:

Well, at least Barbara Mandrell made up in talent for what she lacked in coordination. Even though the show didn’t last more than a couple of seasons, it provided plenty of laughs, both on air and behind the scenes.

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