Hear Carrie Underwood’s “Little Girl, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast”!

Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to stand up for her friend and trainer.

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Carrie Underwood's album Storyteller is released today!

Today is Storyteller day! In honor of her 6th studio album, Underwood has released a YouTube video of her performing a bonus track that fans can get when they order her new album from Target ( a stripped-down version of “Heartbeat” is also available to Target customers).

“Little Girl, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast” is a sweet song about telling our younger selves to slow down and essentially enjoy the ride instead of always looking around the bend.

“I really would go back, if I could, and tell myself to slow down a little bit,” Underwood says. “Hopefully this song will be a reminder to just take it all in …”

Just like other tracks on the album, such as “Smoke Break”, the Target-exclusive track tells a story that fans can relate to.

“The song itself is one of those story songs I feel like everybody can relate to, about how life is so hectic,” Underwood explains of “Smoke Break.”

“And it’s so nice when — if and when — you actually get to step away for a second. We all need that, and we all need that time to ourselves and to get to take a break.”

Many fans wonder if the album will be heavily influenced by Underwood’s personal life, which of course includes husband Mike Fisher and new baby Isaiah.

Underwood insists that the album is not all about her lovely family, although there are a couple songs that tell that “story” too.

“What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” begins with the line “I never was the kind to think about dressing in white.” Not too surprisingly, she says finding the love of a good man and joining with him to welcome a child into their world has transformed her in ways she could scarcely have imagined.

“This song was a way to sing about Isaiah and Mike in a way that I think is relatable,” Underwood says.

“There’s probably a lot of people out there who are like I was, like, ‘I never really thought about getting married. I never dreamt about my wedding day or having a child.’ But now I’m like, ‘What did I do before this?’ It’s like we’ve always been together. I’ve always needed them — I just didn’t know it.”

Check out Underwood below talking to Parade Magazine about the album followed by her performance of “Little Girl Don’t Grow Up Too Fast”

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