Harvey-Affected The Powell Brothers Sing National Anthem at Petco Stadium

Harvey-Affected The Powell Brothers Sing National Anthem at Petco Stadium

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The Powell Brothers, a Houston-based country music duo, recently sang the National Anthem at the San Diego Padres baseball game.

Hurricane Harvey has impacted so many people and the devastating effects of the category 4 storm are still being felt in full force.

Texas is home to many musicians in the country music community and consequently the music community has lost a lot to the flood waters that are just now receding.

The Powell Brothers are from Houston, one of the worst places hit by the storm, and their family home suffered from flood waters that cost them a lot their personal belongings.

Luckily, no nobody in the Powell family was injured. When the storm hit the brothers were stuck in Austin because of being on tour and they were devastated that they couldn’t get home to help their family.

“We have been stuck in Austin since playing at the Midland County Fair this past weekend. Our home in Houston is flooding and we can’t get there due to flooding on the access roads. I really don’t know what to say. We both feel sick” Blake Powell said in a statement on their Facebook page.

“Everything inside of me is saying swim there if you have to. Nothing is more important to us, and nothing will ever be more important to us, than our family” Blake continued.

The band was in a difficult position, get to their family or go on to their next show date in California where they were scheduled to sing the national anthem at the famed Petco Stadium at the Padres vs. Giants game.

“After a lot of talking and running through every possible scenario, we’re going to make the trip to San Diego tomorrow. We cannot fly out of Houston, so we’re flying out of Austin. This was a very difficult decision but we are going to get the job done and get home ready to do anything and everything we can. I hope this trip is worth it. The series of events that led to this MLB performance even being possible make me believe we are going for a reason, although it’s not clear why or how” Blake said.

The result of their decision was one of the most inspiring performances of the national anthem, especially knowing what they must have been feeling when they were singing it.

Watch the performance below and then check out The Powell Brother’s current radio single titled “Evangeline”.

Visit TexasMusicFlood.org to donate funds to the country music community in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Definitely one of the most emotional performances of our career given what's going on back home in Houston. A huge thank you to the San Diego Padres and staff at Petco Park for having us; ya'll were just awesome! Now it's time to reunite with our family, roll up our sleeves, and roll out our hearts. There is a lot to be done. #HoustonStrong

Posted by The Powell Brothers on Thursday, August 31, 2017

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