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Get to know the Zac Brown Band and how they got started as an 8-member country music group! Here's the story of Zac Brown Band and their journey to success.

Get to know Zac Brown Band as they get ready to go on tour this coming May.  Some of their most popular songs include “Chicken Fried,” “Loving You Easy,” and “Colder Weather.”  But the boys will release a new album on May 12th titled Welcome Home, so be sure to check it out!

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Zac Brown Band started with singer/songwriter Zac Brown and he brings a new style to the country music business.  He is also a record producer, record label head, and philanthropist with a goal of making the world a better place.  Brown has created a winning combination of country, reggae, bluegrass, and Caribbean music that draws in fans from all over the music spectrum.

He was born and raised in Georgia as the 11th child in a family of 12 children.  By the time he could talk, he was singing, and he learned to play guitar at the age of seven.  With two decades between him and his oldest sibling, Brown was exposed to many types of music.

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In high school, Zac Brown performed solo gigs, singing covers and original songs.  He became aware of just how lucky he was after attending a summer camp working with special needs kids.  It became a mission for Brown to one day open a camp of his own.

Brown attended college on a vocal scholarship, but ended up switching majors a lot!  He started a band and released an EP, but the group eventually fell apart.  The drummer and Brown continued as a duo, though.  Brown questioned his life after 9/11 happened, feeling that life was too short to be doing things he was uninterested in.  So he left school to pursue music and in 2002, he started a new band: Zac Brown Band.

He searched for and found high-level musicians.  They played around 200 gigs their first year as a band!  The next year, Brown developed his own music label called Home Grown (now called Southern Ground).  Brown runs the label, manages and books the band, and produces its albums with bass player John Hopkins.  For an unsigned band, the group soared to success.

Had a blast closing out the CMT Music Fest last night in Kitchener, Ontario with this amazing crowd! Next stop, Calgary!

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Brown kept himself busy when he wasn’t playing music.  He opened his own restaurant, but it was eventually bought by a developer.  So Brown used the money to buy a tour bus and began music as a full-time career.  The finalized band now consists of eight members and Brown’s label continues to grow, along with the success of his own band and music.

Zac Brown fulfilled his promise and bought land in 2009 for his own summer camp: Camp Southern Ground.  He planned to run it with the help of Brain Balance, an organization working with kids with ADHD and autism.  Now working on their seventh album, Zac Brown Band keeps fans interested and continues efforts to make the world a better place.  With each album, the group tests out new styles of music and creates a feeling of inclusion with stories told through lyrics.  They even have a Zamily, a fan club for Zac Brown Band that they like to call their family.  Members of the Zamily get priority when ordering tickets and other fun benefits.

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