Garth Brooks Sings “Mom” to Grieving Mother {Video}

Garth Brooks on tour

photo: Garth Brooks Facebook

Garth Brooks serenaded a very special lady while in Canada.

While performing in Ontario, Canada, Garth Brooks noticed a large sign reading “Can you sing ‘Mom’ for my Birthday?!” in the audience and led the crowd into a “Happy Birthday” sing-along. After the festive tune wrapped, Brooks took the time to speak to the fan and asked about her special song request.

The fan, Sophie Goudreau, explained that she had lost her 3-year-old son, Antoine, and that the song “Mom” means a lot to her on a personal level. “It should never go in that order, so lets sing this because where babies come from is where babies go to,” Brooks kindly responded. Watch the bittersweet and uplifting performance footage below.

After the concert, Sophie told Rare Country, “I made a prayer just before the show. I asked my son and my mom to pay me a visit on my birthday since I often feel sad on my birthday and wanted to change that. I also asked them for a special favor,” Sophie explained. “I mentioned I had a sign Gary had put together for me asking Garth to sing the song ”Mom” for my birthday, and I really would like to see Garth sing it for me.”

What a magical moment captured on video.

“I couldn’t say much, I was too emotional. I was so happy that God answered my prayer and special request and on my birthday. What a grand way to show Himself. I just carry this special time with me now feeling reassured once again that God answers prayers and my son Antoine manifested himself in a way he knew I could relate,” she said.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sophie. Keep up with more Garth Brooks updates by clicking the button below.

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