Garth Brooks Helps Jimmy Kimmel Write a Country Song

Garth Brooks and Jimmy Kimmel

photo: YouTube

Watch Garth Brooks Help out Jimmy Kimmel in writing and performing a Country Music song.

Garth Brooks Helps Jimmy Kimmel write his very first Country Music song.  Garth Brooks has sold more albums than any solo artist in the history of the world. So who better for Jimmy to turn to to help launch his country music career? Jimmy approached Garth and asked him to help him write a big hit country song and Garth was kind enough to say yes.

Garth counsels Jimmy to focus on a prior event that only he would know and you can view the results of the song collaboration here:

Garth also managed to do an impression of James Taylor.  Here Garth talks about working with one of his idols, music legend James Taylor, and he does an impression of him.

Garth is clearly a huge fan of James Taylor.  Watch James Taylor perform his Copperline song that Garth references in his discussion with Jimmy.

Garth also discusses his upcoming Christmas album that he produced with his wife Trisha Yearwood.

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