Garth Brooks Gets Teary-Eyed Over Interview Question [Video]

garth brooks

photo: AP

Garth Brooks gives a heartfelt explanation about a unique part of his tour.

One aspect of Garth Brooks‘ tour is especially welcome and appreciated by fans— all tickets to the country icon’s concerts cost one set price no matter location within the venue. Reporter Melissa Vega of KABB Fox 29 News San Antonio asked Brooks about the pricing strategy and the Oklahoma native gave a sincerely emotional response. Watch the moment below.

“It would break my heart if my child said, ‘Hey Dad, how come we’re not sitting down there,’ and my answer was ‘…because we can’t afford it,’” expressed an earnest Garth. “That would hurt and I just don’t think we should do that.”

“If everybody is sitting where they are because of luck, hey this is just how the draw came out, then I think everybody comes in with a great attitude and everybody kind of acts as one then. When you get that, that’s when the party starts,” added the popular entertainer.

It’s really cool to see an artist take into account all of his fans and be willing to take a different approach to ticket sales. Be sure to share this neat Garth Brooks interview with other fans!

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